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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Rocky Marciano

Originally Posted by Seamus View Post
Photos can be very deceiving as any photog will tell you. I have several first hand accounts of Wayne, including from costars, all stating that he seemed a legit six foot four.

But was he packing like a gnat?

Marciano lowers his t rex arms for body work and this fight is over early. He can't close the distance well enough and he doesn't get off fast enoughn. The more I think of this match up, the bigger the demolition of the wee fellow and the Italian American pyche.

one thing the Italian Americans have showed us is great heart, and great chins = Marciano,Lamotta,Maxim,Basilio,Canzonari, Ambers, may be able to beat the wee fellows body but don't bank on beating the Italian American Psyche....As a boxing fan I appreciate most ethnic backgrounds, I see you have a thing with Italians so maybe you got slighted or beat up or one stole your girl.....I appreciate fighters and race or nationality matters not to me, I don't even root for all Americans just because they are Americans, I really like the Klitchko's and many European fighters but some guys like yourself have a thing beyond an opinion and that statement above is quite revealing

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