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Default Body Sparring Questions, And what happpens When You do It ?

Im getting interested in hearing about it when i do it i dont put much in it just kind of see no reason so dont really try just go through the motions i guess, usually never get hit cleanly other than shoulders ect i usually get a few shots in cleanly right in the beginning, 3 questions

How does your body spar sessions go?

And are you like me and feel like its better to throw jabs mostly and try to wait to get clean punches to the body rather than throwing just random shots at the shoulders ect where no real punches land, i always feel its better to land clean on the chest or stomach than random punches at the arms and shoulders?

My coach always says throw more punches ect ect but the thing is the other guy usually hits me once in the body cleanly and im getting him cleanly every now and again which makes me think im doing better so i dont need to throw more punches to the arms shoulders which seem pointless am i right or wrong ?
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