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Default Re: If Rid**** Bowe had the dedication of Marciano? Would he be one of the best?

Originally Posted by Theron View Post
I never understood why he didnt throw it straight, id think Futch would of seen that right away, maybe he showed him but Bowe just would go back to the normal overhand
Eddie was old, at this point, and, tbh, probably dialing it in a bit. Bowe had the tools, the aggression, the size, and the power to walk through 99% of the division. Futch had all he could handle getting him sharp and in shape. It probably never got around to truly sophisticated technical refinement.

It remains Rid****'s most dramatic technical weakness, second perhaps only to his absence of head and shoulder movement in the kitchen.

I wish he'd retire. He still calls out a name on the social networking stuff from time to time. Scares me.

I never did experience Bowe at his best. All my gym experience with him was when he was much younger. His period right after the Olympics, right up till his 15th or 16th pro fight, he improves pretty radically; His presence in close improves, he slides left and right to set up uppercuts and hooks, his jab, when used, becomes a presence...He fights like a mature fighter, and it's pretty cool to watch it happen and sort of coincide with his physical maturation a bit. Also helps explain why, super early on in his pro career, guys he later defeated were kicking the tar out of him in gym wars.

The shame is, once you become a mature fighter, you are supposed to start learning to be a smart fighter. That NEVER happened for Rid****. Holyfield II? A champion in his prime, hitting his stride, should never fall victim to off-rhythm footwork, double California jabs...Great call by Manny Steward, but really, a simple gameplan, and it flummoxed the peaking heavyweight champion of the world.

What might have been, eh?
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