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Default Re: Benson Henderson vs Gilbert Melendez likely for UFC on FOX 7

Originally Posted by Francis75 View Post
Henderson is better than Melendez in all areas imo. Better striking, BJJ and wrestling. Anyone disagree ?
Henderson is bigger. Aside from that, I can't confidently say he is better in any area. Well, maybe wrestling. Both were collegiate wrestlers, but I think Henderson competed at a higher level.

Striking? Henderson has the edge in kicks, but I don't know if that will be enough. Melendez was able to out strike Masvidal. Many thought Masvidal deserved the decision against Daley, and he clearly got the better on Noons.

Both are brown belts, either could have been promoted to black without my knowing, in bjj. I don't think there is much advantage here for either fighter, but I would give a slight edge to Melendez here. Melendez is instructed by Cesar Gracie; and trains alongside Nick Diaz, Nate Diaz, and Jake Shields.

Melendez is one of only a few fighters that will be able to match Henderson's pace. I am really looking forward to this.

I see several potential scenarios. Henderson is too big, can control the range with his kicks, and can take Melendez down and maintain control long enough to win a convincing decision.

Melendez is able to defend the takedown, and get inside Henderson's kicking range. From there, Melendez batters Henderson.

A mixture of both, and we get a nail biting decision.
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