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Default Re: ****DECADES SURVEYS 1 - Please Participate! Best 10 Fights 2000-2009****

As I said, can't wait to see the results for this one, and that got me thinking how interesting (and dare I say "fun") it will be to go through the 90s, and then the 80s and 70s.

Just randomly thinking....the 70s will have a strong bias towards HW fights (for obvious reasons), and then we have the Fab 4 in the 80s along with Tyson, and that had me thinking Tyson-Douglas was actually the 90s, which is next up.

My mind is already inadvertently throwing fights I love into different decades, and thinking of all the possibilities in the next 3.

McGrain, I wonder if this will be another case of diminishing returns, or if this in fact winds up more closely resembling a bell curve.

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