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Default Re: Dempsey's punching power

Originally Posted by MadcapMaxie View Post
Calling him the hardest pucher ever would not be overrating him but would just be plain silly as you cannot compare his power to people of other eras. Yes Quarry didn't say much in regards to Shavers power probably because he barely landed anything and was taken out in 1 round.
"Shavers scoring heavily"

I've just rewatched that fight. Shavers hit Quarry with two full power right hands flush on the chin, one as part of a combo, a number of body shots, a series of hit and hold uppercuts, and a big left that knocked Quarry to the side. In fact he was hitting with enough oomph to prompt Cossel to utter the above quote.

Compare that to Tua vs Ruiz where Tua staggered Ruiz with the very first punch he landed, and ended up knocking him completely unconscious literally a few seconds later.

You absolutely can compare punchers from different eras and Shavers doesn't stack up well to any of the big hitters of the modern era.

Originally Posted by MadcapMaxie View Post
Tex Cobb, Muhammad Ali, Ken Norton, Ron Lyle, James Tillis and Larry Holmes ALL said he hit the hardest and you can take a peek at each man's record to see some other punchers they faced. Another opponent said he hit harder than both Ron Lyle and George Foreman combined. Shaver's wasn't fast, wasn't skilled, wasn't accurate, didn't have much gas or a good chin, things like setting up a punch and timing your opponent were completely foreign to him, he rarely implemented combinations and he was a horrid finisher these are why he could never KO quality opponents. I mean **** if a whole group of people say he hit the hardest than maybe, just maybe when taking into account common opponents, that the man hit pretty ****ing hard.

"Another opponent said he hit harder than both Ron Lyle and George Foreman combined."

Yeah, I don't think you're supposed to take that literally. It was, like a lot of quotes about Shavers, colourful hyperbole.

I'm wondering if you've ever actually seen Shavers fight? I ask because what you describe as his style bears very little resemblance to what I see in front of me. The fighter you describe sounds like Tex Cobb crossed with Butterbean. Shavers for all his faults was a top level professional boxer. No, he wasn't fast, but he wasn't slow either. Not Foreman slow. He wasn't particularly skilled in a boxing sense, but he had enough speed, enough accuracy and enough timing to catch you flush. Didn't throw combinations? He constantly threw combinations. It was his primary method of finishing off opponents. Couldn't set up punches? His favourite method of setting up punches was going to the body with a hard left then coming over the top with the overhand right. Could also throw hard off a pretty decent jab. A horrid finisher? How did he stop his opponents then, because outside of the Ellis fight it certainly wasn't with just one punch.

Tua was a ****py finisher as well with a ton of limitations, but if he hurt you then you were toast. Why? Because the initial shots screwed you up so badly that you were incapable of defending yourself.

Shavers never demonstrated that kind of power with anywhere near the same consistency.
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