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Default Re: Khan senchenko being negotiated for april 20 at 147

Originally Posted by L.J.KEYS. View Post
I think you're missing the point a bit mate. Don't think anyone is suggesting Khan immediately steps back in with Garcia, or any others you name, as his next fight. And as someone else has noted, there is a middle ground between the Garcias and Matthysse's of this world and the Senchenko's.

It just doesn't make much sense to move up to 147 to fight Senchenko, then move down again to fight Garcia or another decent 140 pounder. As someone else has said, Senchenko's quite a big 147 pounder so I wouldn't have thought he's gonna want to come down to 140.

If Khan intends to stay at 147 after Senchenko and hopes to catch the Garcia rematch at that weight, then it makes sense, but to go up and down again just to fight Senchenko? Where's the benefit in that, if, as Khan keeps saying, the Garcia rematch is the ultimate goal for a few fights down the line?
Its not like he's jumping up a whole old school weight division, its only 7 pounds for God sakes.

When a fighter gets mullered like Khan did against Garcia there will always be a level of rebuilding and this means fighting lesser boxers, every champion who gets beat in that manner does the same. Its not just to put into practice what has been learned in the gym with his new trainer but its more a confidence builder. Senchenko isn't a bad fight in this context, he isn't a bad fight at all. The only disappointment is that if Khan is looking for confidence building and learning fights at this stage he should be in the ring at least every 3 months
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