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Default Re: Anthony Agogo is a FRAUD who was gifted his medal

This guy is terrible and has literally no boxing IQ to work off of.
Typical hype job who has some athleticism and speed to get past the bums but no further than that in my opinion.

Then he says things like this:

"I like to think of myself as something of a pioneer [for signing with Golden Boy]," said Ogogo. "I met with a few different promoters but when I met [CEO] Richard Schaefer he captivated me - and I told him that I wanted to become a superstar.

"After the Olympics I had a little break and then went back to the ring in Sheffield and did some training. But then I sat on the apron, looked around and thought I don't want to do this for another four years, I want something different.

"The Olympic Games was so good and I want more of that; I want to be involved with the big names, the glitz and the excitement, and hopefully I'll get back to the boxing ring towards the end of April."

...And you just know that Boxing is all wrong for him especially at some sort of higher level.

I will look forward to making some good money against him when he steps up to a reasonably solid opponent.
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