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Default Re: Muhammad Ali 1973/74

Originally Posted by HOUDINI View Post
Ali himself did not rate his performance against Foreman very highly. He gave it an 8 out of 10. If you really watch that fight early on Ali was having trouble. George was trapping Ali in corners and along the ropes and at the same time Alis punches were not strong enough to keep George at bey. At the end of round one Foreman lands heavy full forse blows to Alis body that had to really hurt. After round one, inbetween rounds, ali realized that he was moving three steps to Georges one and in a ring with heavy canvas padding he was exhausting himself trying to keep away. This is why right at the very beginning of round two he tries going to the ropes and finds he can handle Foreman there. IMO Ali was better in his second bouts with Frazier and Norton than he was for Foremen.

Ali,imo,was just as good in the Foreman fight. Different tactics. In the second Norton and Frazier bouts,he fought like we were used to seeing him fight.
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