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Default Re: So Matchroom are signing David Price ?

Originally Posted by craney91 View Post
Not just me, so do others. At the end of he day, you are correct. I and others may no be brainwashed, bu the majority of this planet are bending over for the system and getting it up the **** and loving every minute of it while playing Xbox online with a bunch of from around the world, and messing about with their ****ing smart phones. Not a single care in the world for anything real.

Casual boxing fans are no different. They dont give a ****, they just wanna get ****ed and see a 12 round war for their money. The Jeremy Kyle demographic. They aint bothered who is fighting or what for. They want their moneys worth. If that means Audley Harrison vs. Andrew Flintoff, so be it, they will be all over it like flies round ****. "Because the promoter said it was going to be a good fight and you should pay for it."

Thats why I said, these boxing fans are sick in the head, they boo a technical 12 rounds of boxing. And boo and jeer when a fighter is seriously hurt. Like Harrison vs Price.

Eddie Hearn must be rubbing his hands at home sat in front of a blazing log fire chuckling to himself and counting his notes. Its so easy.

I remember the Mayweather - Hatton fight, ****ed up casual fans - "Hatton will smash him all over" in slurred speech. How embarrassing. I feel sorry for these people. They just cant see the light even if it slapped them in the face.

The other side just doesnt exist to these people, a different reality, the reason for that is because they dont want to believe it exists. A nation living in fear! They are afraid of the truth and the truth about them and their own ways. They know they wont like what they see, its ugly and scary, so they try to avoid it all their sad sold out meaningless unimportant self centered self appointed self important selfish lives.

I actually totally agree with you, I just gave up getting annoyed with it a long time ago, far too many morons for any one person to make a difference in this regard I'm afraid.
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