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Default Re: GSP: Is he the second greatest MMA fight ever?

Originally Posted by BobDigi5060 View Post
This discussion is over, Ne5. Your taking this way too personal and not even reading my response. If you don't understand reread before you post again. I covered everything guy.

Oh, btw... Hendo as an excuse for what? I'm not the one making excuses here, we know what happened when the two fought Hendo.

Same for the Aoki fanatic, early UFC is irrelevant when it comes to what him and I are talking here.

Yes because when I'm talking about the difference between the quality of opposition between the UFC MW division and the PRIDE FC HW division you go on a rant about how the PRIDE FC era fighter never have been successfull in the UFC you did indeed covered the real depth of talent the UFC MW division has by talking about Coleman, Rampage and company right ?

Hendo doesn't have an excuse for anything. You are making excuse and keep going into straw man argument for nothing. I don't take it personal you do. I'm not the fan boy here cherry picking everything. Fedor has a better resume then AS deal with it FFS.

EDIT: Or are you really serious into thinking that I wanted AS to fight the like of Coleman etc. and didn't actually get my point, wich was the UFC MW division is simply....weak ? No exceptional fighter in it. Cmon, he fought Sonnen twice....says it all !
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