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Default Re: Brutal Dempsey sparring Knockout in slow motion

Originally Posted by HOUDINI View Post
If gloves made such a difference why were there not many heavyweights from that day with so many Kos and first round Ko's? Why were there not many heavyweights during Louis time with such destructive power as he wore 5 and 6 oz gloves? Dempsey wore 5 oz gloves, Louis wore 5 and 6 oz, Marciano 6 oz, Ali 6 and 8 oz. Dempsey, Louis and Marciano were all time KO punchers and they would have been so whether they wore 5 oz or 8 oz gloves.

You don't think gloves make a difference? Go and do some sparring and find out if gloves make a difference.

I's not just the weight, which is mostly negligible, it's the padding which makes the difference.
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