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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Rocky Marciano

Originally Posted by edward morbius View Post
Wlad never beat the next best heavyweight out there. Might not be any fault of his own, but he hasn't done it. He compares more to Dempsey not fighting Wills.

"best heavyweight on the planet, not in Rhode Island"

Kind of a silly argument. Marciano beat every man who was heavyweight champion during his active career--Louis, Charles, Walcott.

It is Wlad who has not beaten the best men during his time--Holyfield, Lewis, Vitali. Again, not his fault, but he didn't do it.

I grant that he does have a great deal of longevity.

"Recruited from the world"

Perhaps too much. Wlad has fought too many Americans and not enough eastern-bloc fighters now that they are the top men.

Marciano's major victims were American, but why not. They were the best out there, and had beaten the best heavyweights from around the world. Heavyweights were recruited from all over then too.

Joe Louis--defeated Europeans Schmeling, Carnera, Uzcudun, Birkie--British Empire champion Farr--Latins Agramonte, Brescia, Godoy, Brion

Joe Walcott--defeated Euro champs Tandberg and Ten Hoff, as well as Agramonte

Moore--Beat the best in Australia. Beat Latin fighters too numerous to mention, and also Euros.

****ell--won the Euro light heavy title from the Algerian Albert Yvel and defended the British Empire championship against South African Johnny Arthur.

Even Lee Savold stopped British Empire champion Bruce Wood****.

One or another of Marciano's major victims defeated fighters from every continent except perhaps Asia which had champions and top contenders, but not at the larger weights.

Boxing was a world sport in that era, also.

There is one factoid that Wlad and Vitali have on Marciano, though. They have each been stopped on two continents. Marciano on none.

Wlad has been stopped in three different countries. Vitali in two. Marciano in none.
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