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Default Re: Wlad vs Gene Tunney, Jerry Quarry and Geneleman Gerry ****ey

Originally Posted by Bill1234 View Post
I see Wlad beating Tunney and Quarry with ease, and see ****ey giving him some trouble but ultimately being stopped.

****ey has the best chance because he had such a brutally powerful left hook, and he knew how to land it with authority. If ****ey should land his left hook with full force, I think he'd actually have a very good chance at knocking Wlad out in similar fashion as Corrie Sanders.

That scenario would likely only happen like 2 or 3 out of 10 times, but it is still possible. It's much more likely that Wlad comes out and assumes control of Gerry with his jab and eventually grinds him down. It would be interesting seeing Wlad face such a hard punching foe that's taller than he is, though.
interesting IMO (pre-Holmes minus the 2-year layoff )****ey may have been able to pull it off vs the cold and overconfident Vlad that fought Sanders but I think the present version play it very safe and waits until the fragile ****ey is ripe for the pick
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