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Default Re: Dempsey's vaunted run to the Title

Originally Posted by Seamus View Post
Jack Dempsey is given a lot of credit for his incredible run to the title in 1917-1919. Let's have a look see at the numbers behind this run, starting after Dempsey was KO'd by Jim Flynn (who was coming off 5 straight losses) and losing in 4 to fistic artist Willie Meehan. I'm sticking to the blowouts that built his legend and allowed him to compile the 1st round KO stat that is so oft repeated.

Al Norton KO1. Norton had won 1 fight in his last 6.
Miller KO 1. 4 losses in previous 6 fights.
Flynn again. 5 losses in previous 6.
Saddy KO 1. 1 fight veteran.
Riley KO 1. 0-3 record
Ketchell KO2. 0-4 record
Pelkey KO1. Name fighter but had 4 losses in his last 6.
McCarthey KO1. 0-1 record
Porky Flynn KO1. Lost previous 9 fights.
Moran KO1. 3-6 record, lost previous 3.
Carl Morris KO1. Another name fighter, but one who had lost 4 of his previous 6.
Gunboat Smith KO1. Another name fighter, but one who had not gotten a victory in 8 fights.
McGuire, Hurley and Harris. All KO1. Combined record of 0-2.

Is this really the stuff of legends? Or is this more akin to a Butterbean style barnstorming effort, sprinkled with some cynical matchmaking based on shot "name fighters"?
Is this a genuine thread? Or just a biased attempt to yet again cynically denigrate a great champ?

Oh well , at least Jack Johnson' s getting a respite.
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