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Default Re: Joe Frazier, the most overrated heavyweight of all time

Originally Posted by KO KIDD View Post
i dont think Ali was as diminished as your saying

i will agree he did fight some weak challengers and post Ali I his career nose dived but he is a great
Pre exile, Ali was a fighter with quite possibly the best footwork ever seen, incredibly hard to hit, very fluid fighter.

Post exile, Ali was a fighter who had completely lost his legs, was quite easy to hit, and won fights purely off courage, an iron chin, and ring smarts.

Completely different fighter, do you see the Ali who fought Cleveland Williams and Liston losing to Frazier? Not even close... Joe was a one dimensional fighter, and wouldn't have been able to keep that Ali on the ropes. He'd be getting pot shotted all night long. The fact he drops 2 out of 3 fights to that severely diminished Ali is pretty indicative he'd of had his ass handed to him vs a Prime one...
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