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Default Re: Do you think that Cain's legacy will eventually surpass Cro Cop, Nog or *gasp* Fe

There's no doubt in my mind that Nogueira was the best ''gatekeeper'' in MMA. This should be taken into consideration when glancing Fedor's record.

Add to the mix Cro Cop and Barnett too...

Similar situation is developing now, JDS has beaten better competition than Cain so far. Obvious difference being they are now 1-1, as opposed to 2-0-1

Cains next challenger isnt clear yet. If JDS beats Cormier/Reem, then loses again to Cain, who has the better resume? Is it a case of a bad style match up, or is it clear that Cain/JDS & Fedor/Nog is the superior fighter whilst, arguably, facing the weaker competition. It's quite conceivable Dan will decided to drop down if he gets past Mir and I think Reem v JDS is a no brainer comeback fight for the UFC to make

Long story short, Nog's resume is as deep as anyones in MMA and a good case for the strongest along with Hendo, GSP ect. Lets not lose sight of that. Maybe the argument is could Fedor have beaten the guys Nog did that he didnt face...
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