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Default Re: If Rid**** Bowe had the dedication of Marciano? Would he be one of the best?

Yes, but for all his flaws in and out of the ring youd be
a **** not to put him in the top 15 all time heavyweights.
I like the idea that if he perfected his outside game and
utilized he would have been around longer or had a more
versatile resume. If he worked the jab all night long and
brawled against those who got threw his jab he would
have taken less shots for sure. Bowe is a piece of work
Though, one of the "bad boys" of boxing. I have him top
5 H2H, if he beat Lewis, Tyson and a few others he cracks
Top 10 he was that good.
Imagine what Manny could have done with Bowe!
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