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Default Re: Joe Frazier, the most overrated heavyweight of all time

Originally Posted by cyrax99 View Post
Simple, because I don't hold the Frazier wins in anywhere near as high a regard as other people. Unlike Frazier, Ali has plenty of other great wins to solidify his status, his wins against Liston and Foreman are far greater. Without Ali, who would even be talking about Frazier? He wouldn't even be mentioned in the all time great discussions. Yeah, he was past his prime too, but Ali much more so. Ali was a guy like RJJ, who depended extensively on physical gifts, he was a completely different fighter. He had no legs, and was forced to stand and slug, and still beat Frazier two out of the three. Frazier then got completely embarrassed twice against Foreman... Take away his win vs a diminished Ali, and he has absolutely 0 wins against great fighters... It's an abomination that people call him great.
Who did George Foreman beat to make him great? The guy who took two of three from Ali?
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