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Default Re: duran v leonard greatness comparison.

Was Duran a greater lightweight than Leonard was a welterweight? Perhaps by a hair, but you could certainly argue it the other way although I would be hardpressed to agree based upon Durans victory over SRL.

Was Duran's victory over Leonard greater than Leonard's over Hagler? I would say so, only because SRL was a prime WW and Hagler while still the best MW in the world was not near his best as well as the fact that I score a clear win for Duran while Hagler nipped it on my card (not a robbery by any stretch and Marv has no one to blame but himself)

Does Duran compare to Leonard resume wise across a whole career? IMHO, YES!!!

Does Duran compare to Leonard skillwise in a peak for peak comparison? opposing skillsets for certain, but the difference would be slim either way if it truely exists at all.

Does Duran's weight hopping compare to Leonard's I think Duran did a better job in this regard, but again not by as wide of a margin as I would have said 5 years ago.

For casual fans it seems Leonard it the default choice for greater boxer. For hardcore fans it seems Duran is default choice for greater boxer. Correct, but I do not any longer believe the gulf to be as wide as I once did.
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