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Default Re: Dempsey's vaunted run to the Title

Originally Posted by mcvey View Post
Is this a genuine thread? Or just a biased attempt to yet again cynically denigrate a great champ?

Oh well , at least Jack Johnson' s getting a respite.
Mc, I agree with your sentiments...Dempsey after hooking up with Jack Kearns, and eating properly, training properly, flattened guys like Carl Morris, Gunboat smith, Battling Levinsky, Billy Miske, Fred Fulton, Jess Willard,
Bill Brennan, Luis Firpo,all top-notchers of his time. Of course he fought ham and eggers in between so he could eat...Every fighter does that to put food on the table and stay in shape...But today's revisionists who for what ever reason abhor Jack Dempsey, unlike any fighter on only ESB, fail to understand that all fighters are products of their times as Jack Dempsey was, but was as hugely regarded in his era, as any other heavyweight that followed in later era's...I, reading about him for many decades, believe what many many great historians, fighters and trainers who saw the prime Dempsey fight, conclude he would have made any heavyweights life miserable
inside a ring, or outside the ring for he was one tough S.O.B. Cheers Mc.
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