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Default Re: If Rid**** Bowe had the dedication of Marciano? Would he be one of the best?

I think he might be struggling to break into the inner workings due to lack of interest and a miserable reputation, frankly. He hasn't led the most charmed post ring life, there.

Pretty sure he called Chauncey Welliver out on Facebook the other day. Him fighting anybody under 40 is terrifying to me, he's punchy as hell.

As for me, I'd like to think I can box, and I can, a bit, but in the end, it always ended up with me swinging for the fences as hard and as fast as I could, trying to knock a guy over. I was really good at landing the power off the counter or the jab, though. I was rather successful, but I couldn't move, punch, or work it like a Rid**** Bowe. His right uppercut is artistry.

I agree with Absolutely! here. Bowe didn't take a true ass-kicking till Golota, but he took PLENTY of punishment prior. His wars with Holyfield, he got hit plenty by Nate Tubbs, by Coetzer, by Tillery, by Biggs...Any one isn't bad, but they add up when you are taking shots like that every time out, and in sparring. Rid****'s brain was a speed bag.
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