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Default Re: Who Was The Greater Fighter Salvador Sanchez or Ruben Olivares

Originally Posted by Flea Man View Post
I'm certainly not saying that at all. Only rating those opponents compared to Olivares' best scalps. There's not much between them, Olivares just has more. More inconsistent patches and losses as well granted.
Got no problemos rating Chavez, Olivares and Saldivar above Sal... I'm just really touchy when it comes to him. The fact he can even stand in with these giants who had full length careers to demonstrate themselves is a massive credit to him. If he can cut top fives on an ATG Mexicano lists with regularity in the opinion of others, I'm really pleased with that. I ponder what he "Could've done" often, but I never base a rating off it considering it could've also went south real quick and is based on 100% assumption, which is kind of just flat out wrong.

Got something of a tribute thread to drop for him on the 26th... You're encouraged of course to leave comments though one mention of that dirty, glass jawed Pedroza's alledged superiority from you or Drew and I'll never talk to either of you again. Ooh, big deal right.
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