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Default Re: What is Steve Collins Problem?

Originally Posted by JohnH View Post
Please, stop this ****e. He was no more super human that you. Take off the rose tinited glasses and see the world properly...
watch this video nucca, and with a straight face tell me that any ANY of those dudes i mentioned woulda had a chance against this guy. you talkin bout a guy that was p4p number 1 for such a long ass time, fighter of the decade in most peoples eyes. a middleweight who done won a title at heavyweight. a guy that schooled the legends hopkins and toney who are atg fighters in their own right. watch this video and tell me thats not as close to super human as you can get. is this type of thang easy to do? hellll nawwwww. you are talkin about a guy that threw 10,12 punch combos at lightning fast speed.

once you done watched the video then tell me how any of those guys woula beat jones. tell me how they woulda done it technically. you cant because it aint no thang for jones to whoop them with his talent
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