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Default Fuming....

I trained a lad from when he was 11 - he was really good, loved boxing- and whilst he wasn't the most talented kid I've ever had he put the graft in and I was certain he'd have a good few fights.

At the time I was unattached to an amateur gym so I made provision for him to an amateur gym I sometimes trained at myself. When he first went the trainer dismissed him even though I knew he had talent anyway they let him fight and he strung together an amateur record of 11-3 which is a good start by any standards. Further to this he was improving despite only working with me once a week.

His amateur trainer then decided to stop allowing him to train with me because he suggested the style I was trying to get him to box him was too professional. Apparently slipping and rolling and countering falls into too professional. Anyway to save aggro I stopped training him and subsequently he had lost four in a row.

His problem was his defence and when his dad asked his trainer about it he said I can't help him - he doesn't listen. So he's come back to me.

He listens fine- too much it seems.

He came back to train with me tonight after 7-8 months away- I'm so disappointed - he's totally lost his spark and imagination. He's boxing like a clone of some of the older lads at the gym who enjoy moderate success but certainly not to the standard I'd hoped for him when I started training him as an 11 year old.

I also see a dip in his enthusiasm and he's terrified to try anything new in case he does something the coach doesn't approve of...

What do you guys think?

Greys? S****? Or any of the other coaches on here had similar problems. Feel like im going to struggle to get him back to where he was... Or where he should be.
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