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Default Re: What is Steve Collins Problem?

Originally Posted by dannylatics View Post
and you have just proven you don't know **** about boxing

Roy doesn't have the pop anymore, Collins is a hard *******. He is defo lasting 1 round, if this freak show does happen I'm predicting a horrible 12 round bore fest
This aint 15 years without shagging your missus, raring to go. This is the sport of BOXING, how dare you say I dont know **** about boxing, when it is CLEARLY you who knows **** all about boxing. CLEARLY

Ricky Hatton was out for a few years, got himself back in shape and could barely land a punch. Timing was of, footwork was of, blowing half way through. And was stopped with a body punch.

And your telling me, somebody at the age of 48 who hasnt fought in a ring since 1997 , thats 16 years, hasnt fought in a ring since, is gonna come back and do that to Jones Jr?

What a complete load of ****. Wishful thinking if ever I saw it. Roy Jones Jr could be shot to **** even more than this and he will still finish Collins inside 1. He may have declined, he may not be what he used to be, but he has still been active. He will be fitter and sharper. And wont have as much ring rust, meaning he will be able to connect better. As soon as it lands on Collins head, those punches he used to feel in his prime, will multiply by 50 and his legs will go completely from under him. Nothing you can do about it unfortunately. He wont be able to take it and still control his legs.


Not Collins, not you, and not me. NOBODY.

The only way this fight goes 12 rounds, is if they fix it, pure and simple.
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