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Default Re: Frankie Gavin vs. Jason Welborn British Forum RBR

Round 2

McPhilbin is pushing a jab out from his chest while circling lazily. Keane stalks with his left arm dangling, body cheated to his right. Long jabs by Keane. McPhilbin tries to swap with him but his advantage in height belies some T-Rex stubs, not to mention he's slower. Keane rolls his fists around at his waist and casually jabs up at McPhilbin to boss him around. Keane gets McPhilbin in a corner and digs a right to the body. McPhilbin rocks from heel to toe attempting to find a way out, and finally blunders directly into Keane to push down and hold. More rights to the body by Keane. McPhilbin keeps forgetting to keep his arms up while circling and then raising them in exaggerated manner (when Keane isn't even throwing).

10-9 Keane

20-18 Keane
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