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Default Re: Primes,, Dempsey vs. Johnson: How would you advise each boxer?

Originally Posted by Mendoza View Post
Based on how both guys avoided the best out there while champion, this would be a very hard fight to make!

Dempsey - Johnson will be looking to jab, wrestle and grab his way to win on points. Do not fall into this trap. Move and give him angles, forcing him to move his sometimes stationary feet, then engage.

If Johnson tries to hug you, or foul you, respond with kidney shots. On the inside watch out for the right uppercut. Since Johnson was KOd by a super middle, and floored by others who do not hit nearly as hard as you, once you land a good one, the fight should end. Johnson has a low guard, and low punch out- put, meaning he wont be prepared for your power and speed on the outside. Remember to throw more punches, but save something for the later rounds too. Johnson is not likely to outwork you.

Johnson - Have an excuse built in leading up to the fight, so this way your fans with rose colored glasses will believe you were not at your best. Just a bit of sarcasm. : ) Play defense early on, and pick the tempo up late. Dempsey's power and speed is very dangerous early, but Dempsey could not keep up his whirlwind pace in the mid to late rounds. Keep your right hand high to block the hook. Try to bait Dempsey to over commit and counter when he misses.

Prediction, Dempsey via KO in 8. Defensive minded counter punchers with average power, and a lower punch out put seldom beat harder hitting / swarming attacking types.

Thank you, Mendoza.
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