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Default Re: Frankie Gavin vs. Jason Welborn British Forum RBR

Round 1

Gethin is jabbing down at Murphy, and sidestepping his hooks. Gethin drops a flush jab and follows with a fishing-line hook of his own, catching Murphy as he leans back. They trade jabs at mid-range. Gethin steps in, crowding Murphy. Gethin is knocked over to one side by a clubbing right hand, wrapping his gloves around his skull. Body shots by Murphy. Gethin sticks a jab and then recoils to block as Murphy slashes up at him. Murphy pulls Gethin down by the back of the neck and pounds his body, but gets warned by the ref. Gethin backs up and jabs, then stops and hooks the body before hitting the ropes. Again Murphy pulls down on him and gets warned. Big whipping right up top by Murphy, nicking Gethin behind the ear. Jabs at mid-range. Wild left hook by Murphy misses hopping in. Gethin jabs and covers up. Murphy shoves his way in with both forearms out and gets warned. More jab dueling. Neither landing. Murphy misses a hook and Gethin pops a few straights at him.

10-9 Gethin
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