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Default Re: Frankie Gavin vs. Jason Welborn British Forum RBR

Round 3

Gethin is looking arm weary, just going through the motions with long jabs and uppers. Murphy is ducking and diving headlong into Gethin's stomach, and working the body. Gethin is unable to keep him out. Marcus McDonnell is taking a close look at Murphy's usage of the head coming in. Gethin drops a body shots as Murphy is propped up on him, but Murphy lifts a hook and connects on the face. Another cracking left hook by Murphy, past a lazy Gethin jab. Murphy is briefly caught in a headlock and then swivels and backs away from the ropes. Gethin taps a hook to the body, moving in to put Murphy on the ropes. Murphy fights his way off with a rising and falling hook to the ear. Big slapping left hooks by Murphy. Gethin jabs into the guard. Murphy takes a long step back, letting Gethin overreach and miss. They press together and Gethin slugs to the body, not much sting on his shots. Murphy slaps away as they lean together.

10-9 Murphy

29-28 Gethin
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