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Default Re: What is Steve Collins Problem?

Originally Posted by dannylatics View Post
Name me ONE time Ray has looked like taking anyone out recently inside 1 round.

Collins hasn't fought since 1997 true, but Im betting he can still take a shot to **** Roy Jones past 1 round.

Have you seen Roy Jones fight recently??? The guy is done, finished.
Its not a question of Jones Jr not being as good as he used to be, he is active, and will be fighting someone who has been out for 16 years. He'll see it as easy work. OK the Calzaghe fight was a few years ago now, but he DID drop Calzaghe with a fast punch in the 1st round. A punch Joe didnt see coming, he got clipped. This was up against Calzaghe who was still active. OK Calzaghe got back up and dominated, but if thats Collins.

Jones Jr can still land a punch like that on Collins and it dont even need to be as good as the one he caught Calzaghe with.

He aint getting back up if that lands.

This aint Collins out for 3 years and coming back for another fight, that is nearly 20 years pal. 20 f*cking years.

Did you see what he looked like a few years back?

If this fight even happens, Ill be surprised, Collins will get ready mentally, hit the gym, do 10mins in the ring, and realize himself, its not just not there, its not there AT ALL.

If the fight goes ahead, I worry for Collins. Yes he was an hard f*cker in his prime, but so were a million other fighters. If after 16 years, he can come back and beat Roy Jones Jr, it will be something of a miracle.
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