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Default Re: There is no way they should be putting Jayson Velez in with PDL yet!

Originally Posted by bronx View Post
I don't think so Cotto looked gun shy to me in that fight and Canelo hits way harder than Trout

it was like more like 8-4 or 7-5 and I am a huge Cotto fight
Gunshy? No. Not jabbing nearly enough and relying on head movement and prettyboy cuban amateur style to get on the inside? Yes.

He did the same thing in the Floyd fight.

He didnt jab with trout nearly enough and let trouts jab constantly make him reset.

Canelo is a 5'8 stagnant brawler who can put combinations well. Thats about it. He doesnt have 1/5th the skill of trout. The guy was gettin outworked by alfonso freakin gomez.

If matthew hatton can last 12. People who say cotto will be stopped are ridiculous imo. The only shot canelo has at beating cotto is getting those vicious hooks to the body.

Alas cotto is too fleet-footed and defensively conscious nowadays. He will prettyboyswag his way to a Álear UD.

Cotto is not josesito lopez, or matthew hatton, or ryan rhodes, or alfonso gomez, or shane oldsley. Or Baldomir. Or 140lb ancient lovemore n'dou. Or his brother. Stop drinking the kool-aid.

Canelo is 100% Grade A bum.
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