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Default Re: Sailor Tom v Irish Jerry?

Originally Posted by Surf-Bat View Post
He weighed 158 vs. Sharkey?

He weighed 159 vs. Sharkey?

Who is Thorne?

He wasn't. Go read the reports. Sharkey took quite a hammering, absorbing round after round of hellacious shots from a man who hurt, dropped and stopped heavyweights during his career. To hold this as some sort of proof that Sharkey's durability was questionable is "farcicle".

Already addressed. You need to explain to me why NOBODY at the time questioned Tom's chin after this incident. Obviously it was something that the people at the time knew McCoy was capable of. Why didn't McCoy drop or even HURT Sharkey in the 7 more rounds that followed?

You don't think McCoy could drop Quarry if he was able to hammer him for 3 rounds without any consequential return? He absolutely could (though I admit Jerry would nail and stop the Kid).

Of course. I could see one of Quarry's sharp counters scoring a flash knockdown over Sharkey. Maybe even 2. Absolutely.
I gave you three examples of weights for McCoy taken from fights all within the same year as the Sharkey fight all have McCoy within the middleweight limit. I asked you if these were incorrect as you implied the one for the Sharkey fight may have been ,you made no comment ,or none of any substance.
I asked you which heayweights, apart from O Donnell, McCoy kod, you didnt reply. Just repeated that he dropped ,and kod heavyweights.

You talk about the Sharkey fight as though the Sailor had his arms tied whilst McCoy was teeing off on him. I think Quarry was a better boxer than Sharkey, hit as hard and had a chin as good , he may have been more susceptible to facial cuts, I've never read that Sharkey was much troubled by them, in what other areas is Sharkey superior?
Nobody questioned Jones, chin till he was kod.
Below a recount of the Sharkey/ Fitz fights from someone who was there , TWO ONE PUNCH KOS

ps. Something you don't like about my spelling of FARCICAL?

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