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Default Re: Sparring session of me (video)

Originally Posted by xRedx View Post
I must admit before I say this, I am not a boxer but I follow boxing a lot. Let me give you advice:

--> When you are sparring, don't actually go "easy" go hard. Act like it is a real fight since if you fight easy in the sparring sessions, it won't train you for the actual fight. You have to have malicious intent when you're sparring, you want to really hurt the person. If you think "Oh I don't want to really damage him" then you'll become soft.

--> Bob and weave, move your head side to side while keeping your high guard defense. This will dodge the straight punches. This is the left jab and right hand for orthodox fighters and right jab and left hand for southpaws, your sparmate was in the southpaw position. You'll notice your obliques (side muscles) being worked as you move side to side. When trying to dodge the hooks, bend your legs and move in U shape and counter with a hook.

--> Stay on the inside, move in close to your opponent and stay close ranged. You were really good when fighting your sparring partner close ranged and got the knockdown that way. Land hooks and uppercuts to pass his guard. Everytime you bob and dodge his jab, land the hook on his body or head.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

I think you have a lot of potential and could move on to be a wonderful and tremendous boxer. If you try to be elusive, work on the callisthenics (push-ups, crunches, pull-ups) and work hard on the boxing workouts you could definitely become a world champion, without a doubt. Keep working hard at it, and if you begin to make a name for yourself in boxing get Floyd Mayweather Senior (Floyd jr's father) to be your trainer.
If you haven't boxed then don't start advising people on how hard to throw. He's in a gym under supervision and has competed before, he and his coach know when it benefits him to go easy and work on things, and when to simulate a fight. If you go all out every time, you'll learn nothing and get hurt.

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