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Default Re: So Matchroom are signing David Price ?

Originally Posted by craney91 View Post
You've been found out PIGG. Unfortunately for you, if you were PUG and registered in Jan 2013, you wouldn't know PIGG at all.

But you do.

Wow that is so amazing.

Now go and play with your other 50 accounts Dai.
Go back through my posts Craney and find where:

1. I deny being ever PIGG

2. I deny any knowledge of PIGG

You can't, because I haven't made EITHER statement.

You claim I've been 'found out' (not that I ever made a secret of the fact) so ... now what Craney? Now you have supposedly exposed the fact I was/am PIGG what of it, what will you do with this information?

You've were 'found out' long ago Craney it was evident within your first half dozen posts that you were/are a complete simpleton and each post you make further confirms this.


Sorry I meant:

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