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Default Re: Sparring session of me (video)

Originally Posted by xRedx View Post
There are numerous boxing coaches with little to know actual experience in the ring, yet they still coached champions. Eddie Futch and Cus D'Amato to name a few.

I didn't tell him "to go all out", I advised him to go hard. Going hard means like 80%. Are you complaining about getting hurt? This is boxing, he is bound to get hurt. It should be common to have bruises after a good sparring session.
What I'm saying is that there are times to go hard, and there are times to not go so hard. If he's training with a coach, he trusts him enough to listen to him, and if he's sparring in a gym under his guidance, then he'll know what intensity is necessary by following instructions. That kind of thing depends on the purpose of the session, and the dynamic between the two partners. A poster watching this video knows nothing about any of that. And having boxed, trust me, avoiding getting hurt should be as much a part of the game as getting hurt or hurting someone else. Your brain is indispensable.
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