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Default Re: Brutal Dempsey sparring Knockout in slow motion

My keyboard is so ****ed it took me about five minutes to write this one line, so I'm afraid I won't be able to follow up my assertion:

Gloves knock people out more efficiently up to a certain size. There is a happy physical medium which allows this to be true even if the rule says; the bigger the glove (and more padding), the less cerebral damage.

Seriously. Hit yourself on the jaw with and without gloves if you don't believe me. One will hurt and daze, the other will hurt much, much less but daze more.

It is to do with mass plus area of contact, and more mildly, a springy effect of the glove, which outweigh a decrease in hardness and velocity since concussion is based around the head being jolted or propelled and the brain bashing the insides of the skull.

Obviously a certain size glove will yield diminishing returns and you will end up pushing the skull with little velocity, just as a tiny fist with little mass will cause superficial damage and not as much concussion.

Janitor's point is outside the raw physics of it but still a valid and applicable observation.
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