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Default Re: Soon Cleverly will be our only champion

Originally Posted by Bill C84 View Post
Pigg for starters or is he on remand? Trout Mask (RIP) he's been dead for years.
PIGG's long gone, was surprised a few weeks back when I was able to log into Trout again (he was banned for the infamous 'Stewart Howe' thread don't know who revoked the ban?) I made a couple of post's with Trout then changed the password to some scribble I typed into Notepad (then promptly deleted) to lock myself out (his day is done, I would only detract from his legacy by going on)

BUT the Trout has been victim of an outrage on CHB, if you go a couple of pages back in the Choi 'William Blake' exposes the whole affair.

Trout was still active on CHB but after a couple of posts I left the place, BUT imagine my horror when I discovered some ADMIN had made a bogus post with him?

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