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Default Who is higher in your ATG rankings - Vicente Salvidar or Carlos Ortiz?

Vicente Salvidar:
Jose Legra
Howard Winstone
Johnny Famechon
Mitsonori Seki
Sugar Ramos
Ismael Laguna
Famous losses: Eder Jofre, Shibata
Carlos Ortiz:
Nicolino Locche (yes, Carlos won)
Ismael Laguna
Sugar Ramos
Flash Elorde
Duilio Loi 1 (lost the rivalry)
Other VERY solid contenders
Famous losses: Duilio Loi, Carlos Teo Cruz, (Ken Buchanan doesn't count, Carlos was completely shot), all other losses were avenged

1. Who is higher and
2. Where do you rate the one you rate highest, in your ATG rankings

For me, I am starting to think Carlos Ortiz could be in my Top 50 ATG (near 50 ish).
His only real loss to me, is Ortiz-Loi 3.
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