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Default Re: Dempsey's vaunted run to the Title

Originally Posted by Nightcrawler View Post
i agree with your assessment Burt but we have to be careful not to assume fighters would've risen to an occasion or beaten others. it's who Dempsey actually beat that matters. Dempsey had great skills but it's hard to argue that he had a great resume in an all time sense
N, I repeatedly have posted that in my opinion Ali had the toughest contenders in his title reign as a whole...But in the course of human history a man transcends his peers for whatever reason unknown to us and would be more than successful in any era...A Caruso in tenors, a Babe Ruth in baseball, a Frank Gotch in wrestling etc. And I believe that a prime Jack Dempsey had special qualities in one package that would make him very very difficult to beat in any era of boxing . I base this evaluation on what contemporaries who saw Dempsey and fighters of later generations, and called him the best heavyweight they had seen, and my seeing certain
offensive qualities in his few bouts on film that have impressed me enough to try to defend his legacy from some posters who try to degrade his
abilities greatly...Furthermore to try to explain myself better i will use my favorite Heavyweight Joe Louis in this ****ogy...I believe Ali had better opposition than Louis during their title reigns, but I believe strongly that a prime Louis, beats any version of Clay/Ali ,both at their bests, THOUGH
Ali fought a tougher group of heavyweights in the whole...
And I say Jack Dempsey was equipped with everything required to make hell for any heavyweight in history, and I am on the side with a Sam Langford, Gene Tunney, Mickey Walker, Max Schmeling, Jack Sharkey,
Archie Moore, Ray Arcel, Nat Fleischer, and others who extolled the
fighting ability of the Manassa Mauler...He was THAT good, though he didnt
meet the best overall opposition......But at the age of 32 ,old and rusty , Dempsey [probably kod Gene Tunney in the "long count", and perservered to ko a young prime Jack Sharkey in 1927...For an old creaky Dempsey, it shows what he must have been in his zenith...Cheers...
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