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Default Re: Just how bad was Haglar robbed if at all against SRL?

Just watched it AGAIN & on the 10 point must it's 7/5 for Leonard & i was really trying to give Marvin the benifit of the doubt. Marvin took to the 8th ****ing round to start double jabbing Leonard, if only he started out that way. Regardless of SRL's pitter/patter contribution most found the target, Marvin kept switching to orthodox even midway through the fight, jeezus he really blew it.

But i would like peeps on here to consider this mute point, what if SRL was the champion & Marvin the challenger!!! I'll tell you now that no way would you say that Hagler deserved to take the title, if that was Hamsho & not Hagler you would all have said that is was standard SRL fare against a slow plodding one dimensional bum without a jab who just trundled forward throwing crude slow wide arcing swings. Haglers corner was a joke! Not one bit of tactical nous! Zero adjustment until it was to late, the burglar had already ransacked the house the day before the alarm was fitted.

Do you score this contest as a FIGHT or a boxing match!!!! there lies the rub & contention.

I was absolutly sick as a pig that marvin lost, but yer can't blame SRL for Haglers performance. He should have just jumped the **** from the 1st ring a ding & wore SRL out regardless if SRL got the round he would have been out on his feet by 8 at the latest. If only he had used that famous leaping double jab from the southpaw stance from the start he'd have won this fight.
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