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Default Re: duran v leonard greatness comparison.

Originally Posted by Balder View Post
Duran is Greater:

Leonared was great, but cherry picked. The only great fight I can think of was Hearns 1.

He lost his greatest fight to Duran, So that proves head to head Duran was the better fighter. He was also older and coming up in weight. Leonard was at peak.

His revenge against Duran. Cherry picked, he knew Duran balloneed up and had partied.

Hearns he would not rematch until FAR later and Hearns Beat him.

Duran went 15 with a younger and fresher Hagler, Very competitive fight. Leonard... waited.. waited and waited. And won a very controversal decision in Haglers last fight. ( he did not look great)

He did beat benitez, Duran could not. But Duran has Barkley as a great win. This is WELL past his prime and WELL past his weight fighting a champion far younger and stronger.

Leonard..... Nada.

Duran fought into his late 40's ..... And beat many contenders way past his best. Leonard did not age well.

Duran is a clear winner, But Leonard is not more than 15 places from him. GVreat fighters both. But Duran , Head to head, peak to peak , Lb for Lb is better, Fought much better past his weight class, and for much longer.
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Also Leonard was always the golden boy and paid well from his very first pro outing and was able to get his sniping demands met with the money made by promoters and opponents ,best example of that is a weight drained Danny Lalonde having to come down in weight to put his light heavyweight title up for Leonard

Whereas Duran fought his way to what he won even if it was a bit of a so called rookie in Davey Moore
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