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Default Re: duran v leonard greatness comparison.

Was Duran a greater lightweight than Leonard was a welterweight? No Leonard beat 3 oppoents who are sure thing hall of famers. At points in their careers that they were still at worse pretty good, Benitez, Hearns and Duran. Duran beat one, Buchanan

Was Duran's victory over Leonard greater than Leonard's over Hagler? Yes
Welterweight Leonard is a better boxer than Middleweight Hagler.
Does Duran compare to Leonard resume wise across a whole career? No, When they faced the absulte best Leonard came out on top all but once, to Duran of all people. Duran only came out on top once, beating Leonard.
Compareing common oppoents Hearns, Benitez and Hagler. Leonard is 3-0,-1 Duran is 0-3. If you add the three fights with each other Leonard is 5-1-1, and Duran is 1-5. Neither Leonard or Duran were washed up at the time of any of these fights. Duran is also hurt here by losses to good boxers, but not at his level boxers: De Jeus, Laing and Sims. Leonard only has Noris.

Does Duran compare to Leonard skillwise in a peak for peak comparison? No. Leonard is more well rounded than Duran. One could argue that Duran is the best ever presure fighter, brawler.I'd go with Armstrong though. Leonard could also go toe to toe with the best. Look at Their first fight. Leonard went punch for Punch with Duran. Leonard was more than that, and he applied the approite tactic more often than not.

Does Duran's weight hopping compare to Leonard's Yes, Neather was going to stay at 135 and 147 their whole carers.

For casual fans it seems Leonard it the default choice for greater boxer. For hardcore fans it seems Duran is default choice for greater boxer. I see what you did there. It seemes that the casual fans have it right. I would say that casual fans are fimilar with the work of both Leonard and Duran, and rate them both highly. If by Hardcore fans, you mean fans who consider boxing among our favrote sports, Leonard ranks highly as well.

I've seen lots of debate on the trilogy between these two but not as much debate on who should be greater and, more importantly, why.It seems to be a pretty common debate.
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