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Unhappy Oh dear - Rousey is an insane conspiracy nut. That sucks.

Tweeted this video:


with the endorsement "Extremely interesting must watch video".

And then Rousey's manager's statement?

Originally Posted by Rousey's manager
I don't think that she did anything so horrible. I think what she was doing is retweeting something that gave a different perspective as to what transpired on that day. I don't think anything in that video denied that it happened.

I don't know if it's the truth or not. I'm not an investigator, but it seemed to me that if that Bushmaster (rifle) really was sitting in the trunk of a car, and the guy killed himself inside the school, how would the gun end up in the trunk of a car? Maybe it's just bulls--- facts. I didn't investigate it. I think Ronda thought it was interesting and retweeted it, and that was the extent of it. I don't think she was saying the mainstream press was wrong. It was just a different perspective.

Well, that sucks. People can believe what they like, but it sucks when someone whose public persona you like believes something so stupid.

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