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Default Re: The Blond Devil - A Forgotten Great.


The following is the introduction of a book being written about Euclides life by his translator Carlos and one of my good friends now.

"Please, keep it all. Bring it with you. I was going to throw all that into a fire anyway. It's just the past, nobody seems to care anymore. Sometimes, I ask myself whether it all happened, or whether it was just a dream in my old head. If you find a way to let people know, fine. If not, I don't care at this point. Once I was so sad, looking to all those old papers, that I almost made a big fire with the whole thing. Maybe it would be better, if I would not see it anymore."
-Euclides Pereira

I heard those words from the sad looking old man, while he gave me a dusty album with hundreds of newspaper clips, plus packs and packs of old dusty pictures. Thats about all that has been left from his past, besides his own memories, and all that will forever stay in the memories of those who, like me, had the privilege to see him fight. The old man has the reputation of being a legend among legends in Brazilian Vale-Tudo (BVT). But his feats were very real, and most of them consisted in making other legends of BVT to face a rough reality. He was a legend destroyer, a myth destroyer. Paradoxically, now that BVT became known all over the world, he is not known by the new generations. I had a hard time to find him, in order to clarify the matter. He still lives in a very much hidden suburban area in Brasilia.

End of what I will include from Carlos' book.

How about this quote from Armando Wriedt 9th degree Black belt under Helio & one of the most prestige Gracie BB's ever...

"With no doubts, Euclides was the most skilled, a complete Vale-Tudo fighter. Very good in the standing-up game. He threw well, he passed the guard well, nobody could put him in a leg lock, and he was very calm in the ring. Although he was a student of Jurandir, of Pedro Hermeterios lineage, I believe that Euclides was better than all of us of The Academia Gracie, since we use to learn jiu-jitsu to teach and he, to fight in Vale-Tudo. He had a natural talent for fighting, being beyond doubts the most technical fighter I have ever seen in action."
I have links to pictures I will add and hopefully a blue named member can help me out
I had doubted this man... But after meeting him, finding out his character, learning from him... I know he is legit UG. I can't wait for more and more people to find out about this guy. He is the most humble old man I have ever met, he is fun to be around, and incredible to learn from. He is one of the happiest, healthiest men I have ever witnessed. He is truly a "secret" legend. I am just trying to do my part of getting his name out there. After this last week and a half I know I was let in on an incredible piece of history. History that hardly anyone knows about except his generation that saw him fight in their time. It's a shame we haven't heard his name till now.

I hope this read was worth while for ya!

Oh and eat a lot of PUMPKIN, fruits, and greens... I know if he knew I was writing about him, and didn't tell you his secret to still working out at almost 70 he'd kick my butt... so eat pumpkin!
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