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Default Re: Oh dear - Rousey is an insane conspiracy nut. That sucks.

Originally Posted by Stoo View Post
No she aint, her PPV figures will be amongst the lowest in Zuffa history. The only fight that matters with her is with Santos

Dont get me wrong she is a very good womens fighter. I do respect what she has done for the sport...but...fill in the blanks...until she beats a clean Cyborg then she should just keep her mouth shut in regards to talking **** about her male equivalents

She taps Christine she can talk all the **** she wants as far as Im concerned...other wise get in the ring with Penn, Kos, Condit ect... they paved the way for yr blonde ass to make a living in MMA
Quite possibly. Though Hendo and Machida will help her somewhat.

However, like it or not, she is one of the most high-profile MMA fighters in terms of crossover media coverage. She makes it onto the covers of major magazines and she gets mainstream press coverage.

The rest of it, sure. And she shouldn't talk **** about GSP, because the brutal truth is that the level of competition he has defeated is light years above the level of competition she has available. Sucks to be a girl, but unfortunately Aldo would decimate Rousey and Cyborg both.

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