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Default Re: Dempsey's punching power

Originally Posted by MagnaNasakki View Post
Pretty much, yeah.

It was his identity. For how crude he was, it didn't matter: He packed animal aggression and quickness with the ability to utterly separate you from your senses. You pretty much had to pull of a Gene Tunney to beat him, and I say good luck, cause I wouldn't want to chance it.
MN,I agree with you that Dempsey had "animal Aggression " similar to a later smaller Roberto Duran..Jack Sharkey always contended that "wherever dempsey hit you it hurt ". He was as Nat Fleischer described Dempsey,
"amazingly strong". He had a trademark gesture when he kod a man, Dempsey would help his victim to his feet by picking up the guy by putting his hands under the guys arms and hauling him up off the floor...
I really don't think Dempsey was crude as he bobbed and weaved his way into an opponent with his chin tucked in his shoulders,making Dempsey a difficult target to reach his chin as Gene Tunney claimed in his 2 bouts with the old fading Dempsey. In the Firpo fight Dempsey didn't bob his way in and rushed Firpo, lost his balance and was nailed with a clublike right
swing on Dempsey's noggin and dazing Jack...Today Dempsey is not given the credit by some posters that he deserved...P4P there was no more
violent and destructive hitter...
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