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Default Re: Just rewatched Froch/kessler 1

Originally Posted by Dai View Post
The first thing I noticed was how much slower Froch was back then, he really looked slow in the first few rounds, and was pushing his shots, these days he's got quicker, snappier punches which I can see landing with regularity.

Secondly, froch seemed to start slow, and let kessler control the early pace, and was backing off a lot, letting kessler pump out the jab. In his last couple of fights he'sstarted more urgently , and I think he needs to do that I the rematch, push kessler back early, and do damage.

Kessler had his best success with bodyshots, and seems to have improvedin tthat area, so froch needs to be careful there, and look to get his own in too.

How do you see this fight going, compared to the first?
Originally Posted by Earl-hickey View Post
Something that hasn't been mentioned much, is the weight.

Comparing Kessler at the weigh in for Magee and Froch 1, he looks a lot drier, he was ripped for the Froch fight, but noticably less so for Magee, of course the opponent was lesser, but Kessler is mid 30's and a big, heavy set dude, who has always had faint questions about his suitability to 168. He did go up to 175 for the green fight where he was also floored.

It might be just seeing what I want to see, but I'm not sure Kessler has got another 12 round war left in him, I could see him folding late, maybe even a corner stoppage around round 9, if Froch brings his A game and forces the fight.
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