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Default Re: Soon Cleverly will be our only champion

Originally Posted by PUG View Post
PIGG's long gone, was surprised a few weeks back when I was able to log into Trout again (he was banned for the infamous 'Stewart Howe' thread don't know who revoked the ban?) I made a couple of post's with Trout then changed the password to some scribble I typed into Notepad (then promptly deleted) to lock myself out (his day is done, I would only detract from his legacy by going on)

BUT the Trout has been victim of an outrage on CHB, if you go a couple of pages back in the Choi 'William Blake' exposes the whole affair.

Trout was still active on CHB but after a couple of posts I left the place, BUT imagine my horror when I discovered some ADMIN had made a bogus post with him?

I read that in the Choi the other day, poor form I must say.
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