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Default Re: I am a boxing manager: if you have questions about the boxing biz, ask!

Originally Posted by ezzard_charles View Post
I often see some fighers having co-managers, what is the purpose/role/responsibilities of the co-managers, and how do they differ from a managers who manages a fighter by himself. What are the advantages/disadvantages of having co-managers? Do you think they are necessary or would you advise against them? Also what percentages do they normally recieve?
Ok no matter how many managers or co managers a fighter may have they are legally bound to take only 33 1/3%. The reason you might have a co-manager is he might be the money guy, a guy who helps the fighter financially in someway. Maybe a fighters manager needs some expertise he might bring in someone with experience and the most important the connections to get the job done.
The disadvantage is when the manager and co-manager disagree on which direction to take, the training, or the trainer. Ego's set in big time and then it becomes desruptive to the fighters career.
Are they necessary it depends would I advise against them, set somekind of understanding about how things will work moving forward. On the % let the managers work that out they can only take 33 1/3% between them. The fighter should be part of the discussions or at least know whats going on.
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